Sunday, April 3, 2011

18 days to go; 670 (46Q/35V) for 6th practice CAT - MUST IMPROVE!


Since the last post I have:

- Re-taken Class 7 (Reading Comprehension) using On Demand + re-attempted wrong/guessed questions from the first time around. 2 hours.
- Re-taken Class 8 (Data Sufficiency) using On Demand + re-attempted wrong/guessed questions from the first time around. 2.5 hours.
- Completed Days 3 - 7 of the Beat The GMAT 60 Day Study Plan. 6 hours. As mentioned, I have only completed (for now) the "TO DO" sections, and not the "Additional Reinforcement" sections.

Work is getting very busy so I am doing a lot of this prep on little sleep and my concentration is definitely waning.

6th practice CAT - MGMAT

I tried out the Manhattan GMAT practice CAT. It was pretty tough and I ended up on 670 (89th percentile) with 46Q (79th percentile) and 35V (77th percentile) splits.

My scores in quant and verbal seem to have been see-sawing since my first practice CAT. On one test I'll go pretty well on quant and poorly on verbal, only to switch around in the next test. At least my percentile ranges are stabilising now - I just need to kick both quant and verbal into the mid 80s to early 90s in terms of percentile and I should be sweet.

All of this sort of hits home one important message - I have to just put aside time every day to practice. I have surges over the weekend and it's not doing my preparation any favours. I have forgotten a lot of stuff that I learned weeks (even months) ago, although re-doing the lessons using On Demand has helped.

Let's see if I can get up to Day 15 on the Beat The GMAT 60 Day Study Plan by the end of the week. That would be ideal.

Running tally to date:

  • 138 hours of prep work (including going through materials, doing practice questions, attending class, and checking answers and mistakes; does NOT include taking practice CAT exams) since 3 January 2011.
  • 6 CAT exams.
    • 620 (40Q/35V), 05.01.11 [GMATSim1]
    • 610 (33Q/41V), 12.01.11 [800Score1]
    • 660 (42Q/40V), 29.01.11 [GMATPrep1]
    • 700 (51Q/37V), 26.02.11 [GMATLife1]
    • 650 (36Q/44V), 20.03.11 [800Score2]
    • 670 (46Q/35V), 03.04.11 [MGMAT1].


  1. Yes, make sure quant and verbal both stabilize together in the same test! This see-sawing thing happened to me too. and , MGMAT Verbal is pretty easy compared to the actual test.
    Good Luck

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