Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 days to go

Yesterday, I finally finished the questions in Class 14 (Advanced Word Problems & Quant Review) (there were about 130 questions in all, and I started from about question 50). For good measure, I went through the class using the On Demand video, and I also went through the "last minute tips" On Demand video. All told, there was about 6 hours of work.

I didn't get to go through any of the 60 Day Study Plan. Today, I will:

- Go through as many days of the 60 Day Study Plan as possible in the next 2 hours. Realistically I'll only get through 1 or 2 days.
- Attend Class 12 (Combinatorics and Probability) and re-do the wrong/guessed questions again.
- Go through the remainder of the Beat The GMAT Flashcards.

Tomorrow, I'm going through a "run through" of the GMAT. This will include getting up at 6am, eating breakfast, and walking to the exam centre. I'll try to get a sneak peak into the exam centre, but who knows whether they'll actually let me in.

Running tally to date:

  • 157 hours of prep work (including going through materials, doing practice questions, attending class, and checking answers and mistakes; does NOT include taking practice CAT exams) since 3 January 2011.
  • 6 CAT exams.
    • 620 (40Q/35V), 05.01.11 [GMATSim1]
    • 610 (33Q/41V), 12.01.11 [800Score1]
    • 660 (42Q/40V), 29.01.11 [GMATPrep1]
    • 700 (51Q/37V), 26.02.11 [GMATLife1]
    • 650 (36Q/44V), 20.03.11 [800Score2]
    • 670 (46Q/35V), 03.04.11 [MGMAT1].

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