Friday, April 15, 2011

6 days to go

Yesterday was fairly productive.

I managed to go through Days 11-12 (Equations and Inequalities), 26-28 and 30 (Sentence Correction) and 31-32 (Critical Reasoning) of the Beat The GMAT 60 Day Study Guide. All up, I did almost 150 questions from the OG. I'd say I put in 5.5 hours of productive work.

Today, I want to step it up half a notch and do 200 questions.

I didn't get to go to the Pearson VUE centre, but instead asked them a few questions over the phone. What I learned was:
- The breaks are 8 minutes each;
- If you finish an essay in 20 minutes, and you choose to move on to the next question, you don't get that extra 10 minutes back in break time;
- Pearson VUE will provide a laminated board and those special pens. They will also provide ear plugs. You can't take anything in; and
- You can leave the building during the breaks but only for a cigarette break.

I forgot to ask them what I need to bring on my test day, but I said I would drop in on next Tuesday to check the place out, so I'll ask them then.


  1. Good Luck.
    Take it easy for the last few days. Try to avoid practice Tests. I took one 24 hours the realt GMAT and that screwed up my concentration. Be fresh. Sleep well. Eat well and go with a positive attitude. GMAT is less about content and more about stress management.

    Do let us know how it goes.

  2. And about test day - you would need to take a printout of your appointment and a photo ID(preferably a passport). In my blog, I have posted a link of the Person Vue centre. Check it if you want to get a 'peek' inside the center.