Thursday, April 14, 2011

7 days to go

For once I actually (pretty much) got done what I wanted to do. Yesterday, I:

- Went through Days 10 (Algebra) and 24/25 (Sentence Correction 1,2) of the 60 Day Study Plan. 2.5 hours.
- Attended Class 12 (Combinatorics and Probability) and re-attempted the wrong/guessed questions. 4 hours.
- Went through the remainder of the Beat The GMAT Flashcards. 2 hours. I just realised that ManhattanGMAT's flashcards are probably better. Oh well...

Today, I didn't get to do the "run through" of the exam (couldn't wake up that early). Instead the aim is to finish off as many days of the 60 Day Study Plan as possible, and do about 150-200 questions from the OG.

Also, I discovered ManhattanGMAT's "OG Archer" tool, which is a cool and very detailed tool to track performance on the OG, Verbal2 and Quant2 books. It works sort of like an error log. Since I don't have a pre-made error log for Verbal2 and Quant2 (whereas I'm already using the Beat the GMAT error log for the OG), I'll probably use it for those books. However, I might not get on to the Verbal2/Quant2 books as time is running out and I don't want to be doing too many fresh questions after Monday of next week.

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